What Is Number One Drummer?


Hello, and welcome.

Number One Drummer is a site dedicated to drums and drumming, specifically, to sharing knowledge and passing on the skills to make it in the music business. Over the years I’ve toured supporting artists including Elton John, Mumford and Sons, White Lies and The Naked and Famous, so I vaguely know what I’m talking about. But I’m not trying to claim that I’m the number one drummer – far from it, we all know that’s Steve Gadd. Rather, I want to look at drumming from the point of view of what’s capturing people’s attention at that moment, and that’s why I’ve chosen to look at the drumbeats from chart hits and number ones.

The aim is to regularly upload a drum cover of the newest chart topper, along with another video explaining the main elements of the song – the groove, some of the fills, and some of the techniques employed. On weeks where the same song remains number one I will take requests or perhaps just have a snooze. I will also upload videos dealing with techniques, styles, time playing and anything else I think may be useful to all you budding drummers out there, and will deal with requests or answer specific questions when I can.

All feedback is welcome, and I look forward to hearing what you think.



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